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Delegates have purchased a 30-day exclusive access to the video of TMJC 23, up unitl May 9, 2023 when segments may be made public.

By popular demand, TMJC 23 is now making tickets to Play-On-Demand video access before May 9, available below. Complete the ticket purchase below and a video link will be sent to your email.

Miss the last TMJC 2018? See clips below:

AnaRina Heymann “Align With Mount Zion!” | #TMJC 2018

AnaRina Heymann “Align With Mount Zion!” | #TMJC 2018

Whoever places the Temple in the City of David is dragging you down! There is a worldwide awakening to the true meaning and deeper significance of Jerusalem and Zion and AnaRina Heymann uses it as a starting point in understanding G-d’s plan for the Jewish people and the Land of Israel. The Align With Zion project aims to assist pro-Israel supporters in understanding the eternal covenant and dynamic between G-d and His people (Am Israel) according to the Bible, how it plays out in modern history, and to ultimately empower them in their support of Israel by aligning them with the true essence of Zion. AnaRina Heymann worked successfully in the Broadcast and Marketing Industry in South Africa, before throwing her weight in with the Jewish Agency for Israel in Johannesburg. There she was Head of Marketing, mainly promoting Aliyah (Jewish Immigration to Israel). She decided to put word to deed and made Aliyah to Israel seven years ago. In Israel she continued working in Special Projects of the Jewish Agency’s Aliyah Department. She joined the City of David in 2014 and started the Jerusalem Watch Project. In November 2018 she launched a new Biblical Advocacy program called Align With Zion. Temple Mount Jerusalem Convention 2018 #TMJC is a convention dedicated to the holiest place on earth and invites the nations to Jerusalem to discuss, network, and get educated and inspired with zeal for God's House. Featuring top Christian and Jewish speakers, Seminars, Breakout Sessions, Panel Discussions, Field Trips, Live Stream, Event Booths, and more! This year we will tackle common myths surrounding the Temple Mount, look at what the archeology really says, and explore the Biblical vision for the future. #TempleMount
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